For years and years friends have been telling me I should be a stylist or a personal shopper, and while I'm forever flattered and thankful that they trust my taste, I also never felt I was fit to be any of those.

Only recently did I realize that my strength lies in curating, a.k.a. picking out the chicest conversation-starting pieces in a field of fashion finds. My friends have also been amazed at how I'm able to score pieces that don't exactly break the bank. I do admit to be very arte (or maybe “particular”) with what I wear or carry, but I'm also very practical and (a bit) tipid. And this is how TINGI-TINGI started.

For so long, I've been seeing so many creators, artisans, and local business makers who have equally fashionable items to offer. And it's hard not to love each one of them, honestly. They're all must-haves if you ask me, and my not-so-secret is that I actually want all the items for myself! Eeep!

What I did instead is handpick the most intriguing, one-of-its-kind items and the result is this tindahan! You know how it is with beautiful things, right?

It calls you.


TINGI-TINGI essentially is "tingi" fashion. We used the word "tingi" because all the items here are of very, very limited quantity. So we strongly recommend super quick shopping and decision-making. It's not like you'll make the wrong decision anyway, because all the items are worth it!

We're also proud to highlight the TINGI-TINGI exclusives, which features four bag styles designed by Tita Pacita herself in collaboration with local weavers. We can't wait for you to shop and have a lovely, fabulous time with our items!