I Finally Realized What Made Me So Obsessed With The Heart-Jericho Story

Staring at the fated photo for hours, days, mulling, we imagined all sorts of things. And being the writer that I am, I madly researched away my hours until three in the morning, exhausting every article I could read on the star-crossed lovers, from what has transpired and what could have been. While all the important details happened almost a decade ago, while I was in high school and on my way to college, I did not really care back then for Heart and Jericho until this fated day in 2017 that they meet eyes again.

As a regular tita and citizen of the Philippines, I have zero knowledge about what truly happened, let alone have any insider information, and my only sources are what have been written in the past and what remains uploaded on the Internet. I’d like to say that from this point on, everything else I say is of my own opinion, and won’t ever be a valid interpretation of the lovers’ words or an important reading of what happened. Of course, their story is theirs and we are only spectators.

Ultimately, I write only in order to clear my head and allow myself to process my feelings (and maybe yours, too?), and get over it. Hopefully, it will help us all sleep soundly at night again, without having to look through their Instagrams for traces of what has long been gone.



I think of "the best life" as the life that opens up your world to newness, taking away the heaviness that’s in your heart because it has now been replaced by pure love and the beauty and simplicity of what’s around you. Living in a kubo, eating in a carinderia—these are just a few examples of plain experiences that will only make you realize that the most basic of things are just what you need to live with, and with a content and happy heart.

It’s when everything that you thought would matter doesn’t matter to you anymore, at least not as much, because you have finally come to learn that in life, nothing will beat what is sincere, true, and pure. It will fill your soul with happiness and beauty that no material possession or superficial experience can do.


In love they say, leave some for yourself. It is worthy advice; a practical and level-headed approach. I might have even considered living that way for some time, too, but I'll be honest and say that don’t think I can. Not because I pride myself in making foolish decisions, but because I have always lived to the extreme: either absolutely care or not at all. Lukewarm is difficult to achieve, “just right” is not enough. And I’m certain that it’s not just me who knows how this feels like.

When faced with a relationship (or any situation for that matter, like a career decision, or one that concerns family, or even a long-time friend) that you feel is worth the fight, it’s impossible to not go above and beyond making things happen. Or maybe it is possible, for some of us, but I personally would exhaust every option first before finally giving up.

It’s not about being blinded, although of course that would certainly be inevitable, but more about following what your heart feels so strongly for. Because if it’s beating for something, wouldn’t you want it to keep beating? Otherwise, wouldn't it feel like you're dead inside? 

That’s why it can be absolutely true to say that when it’s over, it’s really over. Not to go all Tita Susan and predict the future, but because you know in your heart that you’ve done everything in your power already—and that’s when you can finally say with certainty that it would be foolish to keep going for it. There is beauty in giving up everything and fighting until your last breath, after all. It becomes easier to conclude the chapter, to let go, and move on.


Going against the advice of family, close friends, the main people who deeply care about you and you know in your heart that it’s all out of concern that they’re being that way, is difficult. Facing the world who only have harsh words for you, who don’t know your story but act like they do, who are in disapproval of your every move, is difficult.

You can always say, it’s you and me against the world, but remember that we’re living in this world so we cannot exactly be against it all times. Maybe it’s you and me against the world—for the meantime, that is, until the people in our worlds can finally accept the choices we decide to make. No question that money, security, stability, acceptance, and all that jazz isn’t everything, but imagine living a life where the world is constantly against you.

When you give all that you have to keep that one great love (again, doesn’t have to be a person), you know that it’s the right thing to do and it is something you must do. Because at the core of it all, you are doing it with the hope, the expectation, and the promise that in the end, it will all be worth it. You imagine the happy ending and it is what keeps you alive.

But the reality is there is also that little fear that cannot be ignored. There’s that fear that the day will come and the world might be right—and your eyes will open to the fact that maybe, maybe following your heart wasn’t exactly the best decision. But with all our might we hope that this won't be the case. That some day, all the people we deeply care for will be accepting and that all our hearts will end up happy. 

But we will never know, really. We can never really know. We will only know when to keep fighting and when to stop.

And this is how so I have come to conclude that the reason I was so obsessed with the Heart-Jericho story, is because I also believe that in life, the fight will always be worth that projected happy ending. Consider it my obsession in turning that one true love into the right kind of love, one that's nurturing and freeing, despite the crazy.

I know that all things worth fighting for come with the risk, of loss, pain, and hurt, and at most times, the story won’t really end in the way we imagine it. But all the same, I believe, too, that the fight of the heart will still be worth the story in the end—happy or otherwise, all the fleeting moments that'll remain with us forever, the intentions we hold dear and true, and most of all, the person we will be. And that makes a great love story.


We all know the cover photo is taken from Tim Yap's Instagram. To those who are as invested as I am, you are most welcome to leave a comment for further discussion. 





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