How Does A Minimalist Who Pursues A Zero-Waste Lifestyle Consume Fashion?


Minimalist, vegetarian, digital nomad, and marine conservationist Lorraine Aplasca is our fashion girl for TINGI-TINGI.

And it's funny because other than probably our BMI, we have rarely anything in common (not that it matters! Lol).

What connects us though is the deeper meaning we both find in fashion and personal style.


While this tita grew up boringly in Manila, Lorraine spent her early years in Laguna and Batangas, and currently still keeps changing her place of residence. It's actually quite difficult to get a hold of her, and her appearances in the city are quite rare.

Thankfully, we made this shoot possible, and as for me, getting someone who lives a zero-waste lifestyle, who's constantly on the move, and is very conscious about her carbon footprint, to wear TINGI-TINGI is an unexpected and very fortunate match made in heaven.

Simply put, Lorraine is quite the minimalist, and me, on the contrary, being the chief fashion curator behind the brand is very ma-garbo (translation: extravagant, fully decorated). At the end of the day, though, I do believe that underneath all the differences, we do share a handful of solid values (I'd like to think so! Lol) and an appreciation for true and beautiful things. Get to know more about her!

TP: I'm one who believes that fashion is an extension of oneself, and I think this is true for you, too, despite not consuming fashion in the normal way we do (Lol!). What is fashion for you?

LA: Yes, I also believe that fashion is an extension and an expression of oneself. In addition to that, I think it is a source of self-confidence and self-comfort. Sometimes, when I feel sad and miserable, I wear my prettiest and cutest dress even if I am not seeing anyone who knows me or who cares. I just feel better when I know that I look good. And then I can walk the streets as if it’s my personal runway.

But most of the time, my outfits are dictated by comfort, even if they don’t particularly look flattering. I normally wear plain shirts and basic shorts, especially when I am not in the city. These are situations when I cannot be bothered with clothing expectations, most often in foreign places.

TP: How do you manage being friends with a tita like me who is very ma-garbo when it comes to clothes and fashion choices? I assume that you can genuinely be friends with a shopping enthusiast like me and not with a close-minded apologist? Oops.

LA: Haha! How can I not when said tita is among my most supportive friends and is constantly amazed by my quirks and weird pursuits. I cannot control how my friends decide to live their lives just like they cannot control how I live mine. The most important thing is that we hold mutual respect for each other’s decisions and as long as they are aware of what they are doing, I would continue supporting them.


TP: In general, is it difficult to be around people who have a different lifestyle as yours?

LA: It can be, really. But I have to remind myself that I am living in a world that is not built especially for me and that diversity in choices is what makes this world interesting. I still wish though for everyone to just wake up one day and decide to become vegan and to pursue zero-waste.

TP: I'm such a fan of your recent blog post, where you talk about pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle, becoming a vegetarian, and your next temporary place of residence. It also made me realize how important it is not only to define one's values but also take the actionable steps to live it.

What is your advice to those who have yet to define what they value the most and how they can live their lives staying true to these values?

LA: OMG! Thank you so much. I always try to write from my heart and soul. I think people should start listening more to what their gut and instinct are telling them instead of what a family member or significant other is saying.

It is very easy to succumb to social pressure but they have to determine which would bring them more peace: listening to themselves or to other people. A friend once said, “decisions actually come easy as long as your values are intact.” It’s very easy to decide between a purchase or a non-purchase if one’s priorities are clear.

TP: Have you always been concerned about the environment and uncomfortable about the way we were brought up to mindlessly consume? What inspired you to pursue the lifestyle you have now?

LA: Although my choices can benefit the environment, I can’t say that they came out of concern for the environment. More accurately, I hate wastage, needlessness, and mindlessness. I have always been conscious of my water consumption and electricity consumption that I take care to not open the faucet too much and to switch off lights if not too dark.

In my mind, I can at least compensate for the excessive consumption of other people, i.e. 1+0 is better than 1+1. It’s weird. Haha. That was something that has always felt unaddressed for me, until I learned about zero-waste living and realized that’s the answer I’m looking for.



TP: Did you enjoy our TINGI-TINGI shoot? What made you say yes to becoming TINGI-TINGI's muse?

LA: Haha! Of course, I did! I’ve always had modelling dreams but always thought that I’m not good enough to be one, even though people ask me if I’m a model and compliment my long neck and long legs.

So thank you for giving me the opportunity to be one and for working with my tiredness and awkwardness. Hahaha.

TP: Favorite layouts from the shoot and why?

LA: I have a top two! I really loved the bikini-ballerina shoot not only because it best matched my personal style but also because it felt the most playful one.

I also like the commuter (front)backpack set as it was also something I could relate to. Basically, I liked the outfits that most closely matched my own style.

TP: Favorite TINGI-TINGI products we shot?


LA: I really like the bags collection of TINGI-TINGI. The ones woven from straw appeal to my eco-conscious considerations as they can potentially be made from recycled material, can be washable, and seem very sturdy. They are suitable for on-the-go girls like me who need bags that are not as “maarte” as the person carrying it.

TP: If there’s any material thing you’d like to receive for Christmas, what would it be?

LA: Counted ba as material ang cold cash? Ampao. Hahaha.

I don’t want any material gift. I just want quality undistracted time from people who matter. But I also really appreciate it when people feed me. 😛

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