All The Times I Pretty-Cried in “While You Were Sleeping”

Believe me, I tried for as long as I can to prolong completing this drama, because I have nothing lined up to watch next yet, which by the way, means I am now very open to recommendations. Please feel free to tell me about the new, up and coming K-dramas to obsess with in the comments section. But then life got the better of me, and I needed K-drama therapy so badly so I had no choice but finally finish it. 

Now I say pretty-cry in my title because I don’t remember myself bawling to the point of over-producing mucus and drool throughout the drama. While there certainly were moments that broke my heart, especially during the end with handsome Woo Tak’s confession, I don’t think I’ve ever cried to near-death as much as I did in Secret Garden.

Speaking of that fated drama that lured me to K-drama-dom back in 2011, let me list down all the pretty things I loved in “While You Were Sleeping” in as far as I can remember.


The parallelisms between While You Were Sleeping and Secret Garden

*cue Beatles Code shivers* 

I don’t know about you but I always feel so strongly for two main characters who have their lives intertwined, even tracing as far back to their childhood, when they first unknowingly take care and look after each other, even for a distant, brief moment. It will be one, isolated, fleeting scenario, but they'll remember it forever.

And then they meet again as grown-ups and are curiously drawn to each other, only to find out soon that even the painful fates of their parents and families are also all interconnected, and it is how fate leads them to each other's arms again. *tears*


All the walang tapon characters

You know how Filipinos use the term “walang tapon” to describe, say, a seven-course meal where everything served suits their taste, or a movie that’s kept them on the edge of their seats from start to end. It's like saying, every bit was worth it.

Now if there’s a “walang tapon” in terms of K-drama casting, it’s definitely this. To prove my point, allow me to list all the good-looking characters in the drama:

  • Jae Chan and Hong Joo and their younger counterparts, omo! I swear the younger Jae Chan is beyond.

  • Yoo Bum, too, admittedly, has annoyingly good looks

  • Woo Tak, of course! It’s difficult not to get second lead syndrome with a man in uniform like him!

  • Seung Won, the younger brother of Jae Chan. I really wouldn't mind becoming an omma who lives across them, even if it means cooking full-course breakfast meals for them for the rest of my life!

  • Myung Dae Gyu, the son of the falsely accused serial killer, I’m sorry but yes such thoughts have crossed my mind

  • Hong Joo’s mother, for me, is one of the prettiest omma’s in K-drama history!

  • There are many more I’m missing, for sure, including the serial killer’s accomplice who tried to retrieve the stolen mobile phone!


The holy *Woo Tak*

Oh, this boy. Second to Wolf in Descendants of the Sun, and probably Prince Lee Yul in Princess Hours, Woo Tak is definitely on my top list of favorite second leads.

But not to the point that I’d want him to end up with Hong Joo and live happily ever after. And it's not because I want him for myself, either. I believe it’s more like a motherly instinct, like wanting to make sure he’s okay and put him in my pocket so I can check up on him from time to time.

Well, that is, until he got stabbed and made a seriously cannot un-see ab exposure. Now I do not think it is my motherly instincts at all. But I guess I am in love with his character, how upright and brave and courageous he is. Plus the fact that he doesn’t try at all to get Hong Joo’s attention and just admires from the sidelines. *pretty cries*

Of course, I have to mention how he is such a charming, dashing man in uniform, which makes me sincerely grateful to everyone who's behind the creation, character profile, and glam team of Woo Tak. Kamsahamnida!


Suzy with short hair

I don’t know about you but I like her better with short hair and when she’s in men’s shirts, oversize coats, office trousers, and occasionally, midi wrap skirts. It feels more confident that way, and far from the idol Suzy look we’re more used too. It's the sum of it all—her chopped locks, androgynous wardrobe, pitch-perfect acting, mannerisms, and speech—all makes the portrayal of the feisty Hong Joo a darling one, which also automatically lists her as one of my favorite K-drama characters of all time.

Notice how she never had to resort to the aegyo thing or call anyone oppa? 


The almost-Bok Joo-level of foolish Jae Chan

It’s funny how Jae Chan is always so attuned to his feelings. One moment he pleads the judge for “justice to flow like a river” (which, by the way, is one of the best lines ever uttered in the drama) the next moment he’s talking about writing with his snot, which has blackened from all the fumes he has inhaled from a fire incident. He can be rash, angry, logical, sarcastic, cute, puppy-like, jealous, touched, in love. He’s human.


Cover photo via Dramabeans.