All I Want For Valentine's Day

I personally don't have any fond memories of Valentine's Day (I only have memories of traffic and "stress" and that one time when my bag got stolen!) and I'm not exactly a fan of the pseudo-holiday, but I'd like to take advantage of it by creating a well-crafted, expertly-curated V-day gift list. After all, shopping lists and gift lists are what we live for.

My belief is, like bridal registries and Christmas wish lists, you aren't only doing yourself a favor by putting in the exact items you really, really want—you're actually saving your (sometimes clueless) jowa, Santa mommy, families and friends from the trouble of guessing, mind-reading, and wasting precious hours trying to figure out what you want.

So, consider yourself a hero.

Valentine's Day = another excuse to buy a new outfit, spend, demand a gift, eat expensive food.


At the moment, I have put myself on a self-imposed shopping ban (in lieu of more "mature" financial decisions, lol) but I also can't hide under the pretense that I don't care about pretty things, e.g. the accessories I have so painstakingly sourced, searched for, (also designed!), and curated for the ultimate tita tindahan ng kaartehan, TINGI-TINGI.

In the same logic as not having your cake and eat it, too; I can’t have my shop and buy from it, too. Believe me when I say it’s been difficult to hold back (for the record, I currently own only four TINGI-TINGI finds).

And if you're like me and are a fan of the styles at TINGI-TINGI, but would like your S.O.s to spend on these for you instead, then I'm behind your decision a hundred percent (in my case, technically, it wasn’t me who “bought” from my own shop!). To make the transactions even easier, I've arranged my personal picks by budget. See below:


A 1,000 ~ish budget

(PHP 1,130 + SF)

Unique convincing proposition: You don't really need to travel far to get the Marawi necklace (PHP 850) and this Bohol-made white wood pair of earrings (PHP 280) when you shop from us! I've seen a lot of these beaded beauties in my lifetime, but I'm personally attracted to this color set. You don't need to be fan or a devotee of Mother Mary to appreciate blue and white, to be honest! I can imagine wearing this with my spaghetti strap floral maxi dress to a beach-side brunch!

As for the chandelier earrings? Well, excuse my religious references (it's Sunday as I am writing this, anyway), but these remind me of church windows, and I'm simply in love with all the ~architecture~ going on. I mean, it's like a piece of art, craft, and woodwork on my earlobes. How can you say no to that?

Cost per happiness: Infinite. And you get one of each for only PHP 1,130 total plus shipping fee. More deets on that below!


A 2,000 ~ish budget

(PHP 2,200 + SF)

Unique convincing proposition: Just look at the Yakan weave slippers (PHP 1,650) and if your heart isn't fluttering at the moment... well… wait, are you serious? Okay, seriously speaking, I personally think this pair is such a steal because I currently can’t stop thinking of endless styling options with it! I can see myself wearing it with my denims (skinny or otherwise), my white jeans!!!, my army green pants!!!, and I bet it can even elevate the joggers and sarong-esque pants I see a lot girls wearing these days!

It’s also worth knowing that the Yakan weaves are precious, as it is hand-woven, each textile and color combination is a unique one of its own! The weavers decide on the pattern and color, according to her liking, which is why it is given much value.

And then there's the bayong (PHP 550), which comes all the way from Ilocos Sur! I personally would want it because I have long been looking for a water- and sand- proof bag that I'd like to take with to the shores. Of course, it has to be good-looking. And one that can be styled easily with any of my beach outfits! Check, check, check.

Cost per happiness: Infinite. At this point, I honestly can't think of an outfit that won't go well with the Yakan slippers (er, okay, maybe a formal gown? or anything that’s grunge-y?) and the bayong beach bag!!! (unless you're probably in a lime-green bikini set, but then again it'd be matchy-matchy and therefore acceptable??).

Get them all at only PHP 2,200 plus the shipping fee!


A 3,000 ~ish budget

(PHP 3,000 + SF)

Unique convincing proposition: Confession: I have long, looong coveted that yellow bag for myself because it's just. so. roomy. And that yellow shade? Chiiic. As for the tita necklace, it's funny because it's white and yet I keep thinking of pairing it with the several white tops I own! From a styling standpoint, I believe it'll go well with black-and-white printed tops, too, and honestly, with just about any color, right?

Cost per happiness: Infinite. Share the joy with your mother and/or sister and lend them to these, too. Well, occasionally. Or you can have them borrow these on rent with insurance. Both items add up to exactly PHP 3,000, so you just need to add the shipping rate!


Which items are you eyeing? I’m thisclose to gifting these to myself, too!

Other honorable mentions include: the popular half-moon bag (chic meets minimalist), and the fringe series (for the fun and fabulous!), which both are proudly exclusives and my collaboration designs for TINGI-TINGI. More photos, product info, et cetera on the shop page!

shop tingi-tingi! we accept transfers and deposits to BPI Family and BDO. for shipping, Regular courier deliveries start at PHP 50 (depends on size of package) and takes 2 to 3 days within Metro Manila. deliveries outside metro manila start at PHP 185 through LBC. We can also use Grab Express and Lalamove, for quicker deliveries. order forms are all over the shop link.

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