La Localita Lash Express


As with my pride and feelings, my lashes are usually sensitive, so much that I can immediately feel a new product’s not-so-good effects right from first use. I am also one who is guilty of rubbing my eyes thoughtlessly—forgetting that I put makeup on, and often, this habit is what tells me whether or not my eye products are good. At worst, I’d feel a stinging in my eyes, it would turn red, and I’d need to wash it with water until it’s no longer irritated. Sometimes, I just know it’s not good for me when it clumps my lashes, or when the formula itself easily gets sticky and goopy! Eeep.

Recently, I was asked to try La Localita’s Lash Express Eyelash Enhancer, and truth be told, I was excited to try it, especially after hearing that it’s infused with ingredients that will help my lashes grow!

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