Parasite (2019)

How to watch Parasite (2019):

Don't research about it. And if you haven't yet, don't watch the trailer.

My friend Anna, who's seen previous projects of director Bong Joon-ho and has turned into a fan of his works, asked me to watch Parasite with her, and I said yes, for the sole reason that it's a Korean film. I didn't even had the slightest clue about it. Seeing the grim poster, with the main characters' eyes censored by a black strip, I predicted it was going to be a dark and… scary?


"There will be lots of ipis (cockroaches), right?"

I confidently asked Anna, expecting a yes. Or if not cockroaches, I imagined gnats or a plague of insects taking over planet earth. I also knew it was going to be weird...

Well, not that I was wrong. It was weird and beyond crazy, but the good kind of crazy. The biggest surprise of all was that there wasn’t an insect invasion or any of the sort.

Another eye-opener were the slums in Korea, and how they live vis-à-vis families lavishly living in sprawling mansions, amid the picturesque, urban city. It was a scene completely new to me. I've only been to Korea once, and the moment I arrived in Seoul, my Manila girl self was at once envious of the city’s well-constructed pavements and reliable mass transport systems.

While I’ve been exposed to non-heirs and non-chaebols in Korean dramas, I’ve only ever seen unemployed, middle-class protagonists who end up with no money at all, yet still manage to maintain their poreless skin and a closet of fancy clothes. Still, these K-drama heroines didn’t exactly feel poor. And so at the back of my mind, I’ve always wondered what the other side of modern Korea was like. Parasite was a revelation to me. I’m thankful I’ve seen it.

Which brings me to say that it’s a film worth traversing through SM for (it’s an SM Cinema-exclusive, by the way). The good side is, you’re now allowed to bring outside food into the theatre. Now go watch it now, and save all the post-processing research for later. Let’s discuss, too.

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