One Spring Night (2019)

Take it from me: if you want to live a healthy life and get eight hours of sleep, please stay away from K-dramas and enabling apps such as Viu and Netflix. I wasn’t able to control myself the past nights, and now I am suffering from a mild sore throat due to binge-watching ‘til five in the morning. Sue this tita.

One fine evening, I needed to relax and curiously saw One Spring Night on Netflix, and because Jung Hae-In was there, of course, I tapped ‘play’ without even doing a background check on what the drama is about. At once, it took me back to Something In The Rain—where Hae-In also starred in and left me smitten. It also turned me into a life-long fan of Son Ye-Jin who has one of the chicest faces ever, and whose style has led to me to the love of INDIBRAND.

All the same, One Spring Night gives us the similar ambiance, mood, and slow pace, amid adult conversations, long walks in the evening, and this time—snow, instead of rain. I’m only two episodes in, as of writing, but I’m certain as ever that I will love this series.

So, yes, I’ve entered the danger zone, yet thankfully, this show has only recently started, and so episodes will be released by the week. And for the sake of my health, I believe this should be a good thing. Below, I leave you with the trailer—please watch at your own risk. *wink wink*

UPDATE (12 July 2019)! And so the drama has come to an end (yesterday), and fortunately, I still know my place in this world and what to do with my life. While my feelings are fresh, I’d like to briefly express my raves:

  • For their signature style in their craft, realistic story lines, and their ability to make my heart literally sink, I believe I have become a solid fan of writer Kim Eun and director Ahn Pan-seok. While I do agree that One Spring Night is a lot similar to Something In The Rain’s setting, coloring, directorial style, pacing, charisma, and even Jung Hae-In’s character—the two dramas still stand on its own. It made me realize, though, that warm and dimly lit rooms, the snow and rain, montages of quiet moments, and a lot of tenderness are my new K-drama weak spots. I also recall reading one of my horoscopes saying that ambiance is everything to a Sag like me, so that explains it.

  • I do adore Jung Hae-In and Han Ji-Min together. It’s my first Han Ji-Min drama, and while I’m aware she’s a multi-awarded artist, I see her more as an epitome of effortless cool here. I have also subconsciously developed a liking for low, block-heeled shoes because of her staple librarian outfits.

  • And then again, the soundtrack. Our favorites are back: Carla Bruni and Rachel Yamagata, whose songs to me feel more like whispers, and it calms my heart. In my opinion, Something In The Rain and One Spring Night have both the best drama soundtracks ever. Ever.

Now please watch it and let us ‘spazz’ together.

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