My First First Love (2019)

A word of advice: K-dramas may give you zero productivity, but it raises your happiness meter like nothing else. Having said that, would you rather be checking off tasks on your to-do list with a heavy heart, or take your much-needed mental day off and indulge in a K-drama? To me, it’s always the latter. Always.

Recently, I have been wanting a break from the dramas of real life that I once again sought refuge in a cutesy K-drama. This one is called My First First Love. It stars the cutest lead actors and I am biased by Jin-young of B1A4, a group I used to follow in my peak K-fandom, circa 2011. Excuse me for my overuse of the word ‘cute’ but the drama is just full of it. I urge you to watch the trailer to see for yourself.

Fan-girling aside, I recommend this series if you’re in dire need of a feel-good show to escape from your own life’s harsh realities… at least for the meantime. You can go back to your life again after eight episodes of this series, because trust me: whatever you are going through shall pass. Aja, fighting!

Jin-young enlisted at the military last June, yet rumor has it My First First Love is set for a second season which should be out by December this year. And while many fans are anticipating its return, I’m personally satisfied with season one’s ending and would like to keep it at that in my mind for now. *finger hearts*

(UPDATE!!!!! As of July 21!) The official trailer for season two has dropped and the first episode is set to air on the 26th of July. Omoni! I have mixed feelings! How about you? I leave you with the trailer and please leave me with your comments below!

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