How To Wear Heels, Without Looking Like You're Faking Your Happiness While At It

Heels can truly make you feel like you're on top of the world, or even beyond, so much that it's like you're within the vicinity of the extraterrestrial world.. But really, contrary to popular opinion, wearing heels can actually do you more good than damage, when used correctly and in the apt situations.

I wore heels to a K-pop concert and trust me, it provided me with the leverage to push away the other fan girls and tread my way through the front. Once on the queue to the train during rush hour, I was wearing flatforms, and it definitely helped me breathe in more fresh air, and save me from inhaling the exhalations of my co-commuters.

In short, heels are an absolute necessity, for work and for play, in life, and one's well-being. If you aren't convinced yet, here I have gathered the ways on how you can defy gravity with your chosen heel.


They never said fake it ‘til you make it for no reason. So if you’re afraid of heights, conquer it with all your brain power. Keep thinking, the higher the heels, the closer to the heavens. Or in Manila setting, the higher the heels, the farther your feet are from elements in the road that you wouldn’t want to accidentally step on.

All you have to do is keep repeating to yourself its positive effects: the illusion of longer and slender legs, additional height you’ve always prayed for, a greater possibility for gentlemen to offer you their helping hand, which you will or should (or maybe not) reject with a huff.

And finally, remember that you are a woman who has accomplished a lot, with your list of achievements ranging from moving around furniture without the help of others, getting promoted in less than a year, boldly breaking up with a nice guy who just isn’t right for you, and cooking adobo without burning it or drying out all the sauce. So how is wearing heels so difficult?



Wearing heels can be torture. It requires balance, agility, and a whole lot of leg strength. But talking about the pain can be so old-fashioned, because why even talk about it in the first place? Does it make the world better?

Like in life, what you can do to avoid it is prepare for it, and the steps to that are quite easy. First, quit using your petroleum jelly as a lip balm alternative because you are now going to use it for your feet. Apply as you please on all the corners of your feet, or on all the exposed skin that gets in contact with the shoe.

Second, invest in all the jelly insoles you can find. There’s practically one for every inch of your feet. You can play safe and go for a full jelly insole to help cushion your entire feet, or try the three-fourths one that protects the ball of your feet, which is also usually the first part that gets painful when wearing heels.

Like every other shoe, your chosen heel might need some breaking in. A new shoe can usually cause blisters, bunions, and all that jazz, if not broken in properly. Other girls use band-aids but I personally don’t recommend it. I mean, when you’re in great pain, do you really want the world to know? Well, I don’t. There are also jelly solutions for this problem, and these are the ones that you stick on the back of your shoe, the straps, or wherever else needed.



Sneakers and flats are comfortable to the core, but have you forgotten the age-old saying? No pain, no gain. So it’s absolutely a lose-lose situation for you here, because one, your sneaker or flat contributes zero impact on your overall look; and two, it provides you too much comfort, that you might as well have forgotten that you were wearing shoes.

The best part about heels, be it in platform form, cutesy kittens, or sleek stilettos, is that wearing it constitutes an involuntary workout. It really demands additional stamina, which you’ll need when trudging through rocky paths, and especially if your heel of choice is quite chunky, or on the heavier side.

So, like any other workout, eat well before you go; and, like every after workout, you’ll definitely feel better after, and proud of yourself.


All photos by Miguel Alomajan.



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