How To Choose What To Buy When Faced With Options Aplenty

If you aren't born gifted with the innate ability to make wise decisions when it comes to shopping, don’t panic. Shopping, after all, is a skill that can be sharpened through experience and a lot of practice. Trust me, I know, because that's how I learned.

A lot of outside factors can influence your judgement. You may be PMS-ing and feel an emotional connection to everything retail, or maybe you just received your sweldo. It's a mix of dependent and independent variables, but there’s a way to work around it.

Here, I try an experiment with five cutesy backpacks, as you will see photographed below. I ask myself important questions that hopefully can help weed out what I’m not supposed to purchase, and therefore lead me to the rightful piece.


But of course, this is the first thing you must ask yourself. Otherwise, why even bother? I mean, "pretty" is subjective when it comes to describing a friend or your daughter, but when it comes to objects and your money's at stake, you have every right to be judgmental and discriminating.


They say it's hard to make people quit smoking because they don't really look that far into the future, and I agree because that's true for me every time I buy myself sour cream fries and even ask for extra powder. On the contrary, I'm proud to say that when it comes to purchases, I have more control over my urges. These days, I usually think beyond my tita years and imagine if I'd be able to wear it five years from now.

Therefore my personal rule is, trends are acceptable if you have the extra cash for it, if you think you can sustain it, and if you’re young, wild, and free… and well-funded.

2 (2)-01.jpeg

is it trendy? yes.

in fact, the transparent body of this pink backpack adds a very of-the-moment factor to it, which consequently makes me want to buy. it. now.


by the way, you can take out the colorful little pouch inside to make your bag 100% transparent.


the wings of this bag call out to the

Angels & Airwaves

fan girl in me.

IS IT YOUR style?

Does it fit well with everything else in your wardrobe? Is it a piece you might consider an extension of yourself? Is this item reflective of who you are? Lol…

At certain times, you might feel like you resonate with an object, but maybe that’s all there is to it. You may gravitate towards it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your style.


Most often than not, though, your instinct will tell you if what you have put on is age-appropriate or isn’t. If you’re feeling the littlest bit awkward or self-conscious, then chances are, something’s off.

In this case, backpacks are usually associated with kids, and we can’t let them have all the fun right? I’m a firm believer in adult-appropriate backpacks, and if you aren’t convinced yet, see Sandara Park for inspiration.


the camel-colored backpack makes me feel positive things.


extend the straps and surprise, you get a second bag!


Okay, love is a complex thing, and when it comes to retail objects of desire, we tend to turn into polygamous beings and declare our love for multiple things—at the same time!—quite carelessly.

My advice is to wait until the fleeting feeling has settled in, and once it does, ask yourself again: are you in love with it? Then go where your heart leads you.


I am often told to “dress down” because I usually commute to get around Manila. But one must understand that I’m usually quite really extra when I commute, and not only in terms of my outfit. Commuting makes me extra snobbish, extra alert and observant, extra angry at the world and at the government, extra sensitive to the smell and touch and others, extra vigilant… you get it.

I don’t think dressing down is the solution, it’s really more of finding items that are chic and pretty enough to carry around with pride, joy, and confidence but also low-key enough to avoid the attention of those who may think there’s something inside worth causing a ruckus for.

Like in life, it’s all about finding the balance.


checked bags are at once novel and classic.

and Plaid never goes out of style.

1 (1)-01.jpeg

found my match!

this bag has a mini zipper on one side for me to put in my extra hair tie, loose change, and mints.

does it fit you well?

If you’re the overthinking type, then now is your time to shine. There are a lot to consider when it comes to backpacks, for instance. Are the pockets enough to fit in your hand sanitizer, pamaypay, house keys and all? Will the zipper closures get in the way of the frills and fringes you usually wear? Do you have trouble fastening bag buckles and straps? Carry on and examine all the details until you find the one for you.

lastly, a giveaway!

Lastly, all things considered, I’m happy to announce I’ve finally made my pick. I choose The Sydney for its very tita-in-the-city vibe, and for its little compartments that will make life and commuting easier for me.

The best part is that our kind friends from Coco x Fifi are letting one of you who are reading this enjoy the beauty and functionality of this bag, too! We'll be announcing the mechanics of the giveaway on the Tita Pacita Instagram and the Coco x Fifi Instagram very soon, so as early as now, do follow the said accounts.

In the meantime, I'd love to know—which bag would you choose among the five? And what would be your criteria for judgement? Tell me in the comments section below.



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