How To Get A Tita To "Party"

lan kwai fong bachelorette

What began as an innocent out-of-country trip with my co-tita friends became a bachelorette in Hong Kong, when a few months prior, three of the titas in the group got engaged. It was simply meant to be. Also, we welcome three new titos to the group! 

As titas, we are, as expected, over and done with the partying until early in the morning—or so we thought. Safe to say more than half of us in the group aren't naturally-bred party animals. And it's not because we are against the thought, we simply are never the ones to initiate a night out that would requires a lot of physical movement and action.

But how can we resist celebrating not one, but three engagements? Rightly so, our trip led us to Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's ever-famous party district. And it's where the tricks of getting titas like us to party unfolded right before my eyes. Below, I have listed the steps down for you.



When planning a party that's to be attended by titas, do so in a place that isn't any of your guests' hometown or work city. This means eliminating all possible fear of bumping into a client or colleague, or a friend of your parent's. Always remember that in the same way that it's easier to open up to strangers, it's easier to loosen up in foreign territory, too. 



I'll be honest and admit that even before our drinks were served, I was already sleepy. But then Big Bang songs—yes Big Bang, you read that right, South Korea's hottest hip-hop group and my favorite of all time—began playing, at once my energy skyrocketed to more than a hundred percent. It was impossible to sit still. And it was the same for the other titas. Each of us just needed to find our "jam", so to speak, that our bodies would naturally be inclined to dance to. 

So might as well choose a reputable place that has astounding taste in music. The more diverse, the better.



Of course, this is a must. We're not longer young and full of health, so we need fuel. You have to stop pretending you're in your roaring twenties and can handle booze on an empty stomach.

Back in Lan Kwai Fong, we were thankful also to the Filipino who was working at Ebeneezer's who helped us find a seat and have a proper dinner. It was one of the best kebab meals that would last us through the night, and reminded me of my go-to post events place back in Manila, the ever-reliable, ever so well-lit, Mister Kebab.



It's important to have party enablers in the group. They are those who have unlimited energy and dance moves. They will support your every little move and rejoice at the sight of seeing you actually enjoying yourself, even when you aren't really the "party type". Party enabler friends are important, otherwise, we would all literally just stare at each other and call it a night before 10 p.m.



If you're not very approving of the crowd, or if there's someone who isn't from the group who joins the party and you're not really feeling that person, then it might require you more than a few drinks to become accepting and loving. And that's okay, as long as you have real friends around you to watch over you like guardian angels.

Ultimately, it's the safe feeling of being around friends you love and trust, who will let you be yourself and just do whatever. In the end, despite the temptation to just buy drinks and head back to the room and spend a quiet night there, we all wanted a memorable night together, and it was in being open and up for the fun that made all the difference. 

Any tita partying stories you're dying to let out? The comments section is free for all.





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