Playlist Ideas For A Productive Work Day

500 Days Of Summer

They say if you can't quit your job or leave your current situation, at least find a way to maintain your health and sanity as you fake it 'til you make it. And while work at the moment may be currently upsetting you, we all know how music is likewise one of life's greatest mood-benders. Believe me, it has saved this tita one too many times, from three-hour long lines on the train to muting out useless office chatter.

I do acknowledge that we all have different preferences, so expect that my list will not necessarily coincide with yours, but as you'll see below, I try to make as diverse a selection as possible.



On my list: My favorites from YG family, including ultimate oppa GD, Taeyang, Big Bang, 2NE1, CL, Black Pink, and Epik High. Also try old-school Super Junior.

All-knowing guys and girls tend to dismiss K-fans like me (or us, yay!) and quickly point out that we're silly for listening to songs we don't understand the lyrics to. Well, it's exactly why it works for me, especially when I'm writing or having to concentrate on a task. I prefer not knowing the lyrics so I'm not tempted to sing along. I mean, wouldn't that be embarrassing when you're in a co-working space? Only a bit of head-nodding and foot-tapping is acceptable.



On my list: Carla Bruni, Joe Dassin's Les Champs-Élysées.

Or you may try Italian, German, what have you. A foreign language-themed playlist shares the same sensibilities as the K-pop one. You won't understand the lyrics (unless you're fluent in it!) so you use it primarily as background music. 

Music from overseas also makes it feel like being transported to someplace else, which comes in especially handy if where you're at now isn't exactly where you want to be.



On my list: Smashmouth, LFO, Third Eye Blind, all the boy bands and the girl bands, the pop sensations, the list is endless.

Songs from your carefree, teenage years are guaranteed to put you in a better mood. You may even opt to openly play such music out in the open for everyone to hear (with permission, of course) and quietly observe and see who responds. It's a tried-and-tested discreet way to also gauge who among your office mates are from your same age group...



On my list: Rivermaya's Awit Ng Kabataan, Jamie Rivera's Heal Our Land, Apo Hiking Society's Blue Jeans.

Not that you should be thinking about saving your country at this point. It's just that, the energy that comes from songs that cry for the love of one's own country is contagious and very conducive for work. You will remember the heroes who've fought their best to give you the freedom you have and are enjoying now, so it will definitely push you to work hard, stop complaining, and do your best. 



On my list: The soundtracks of Pearl Harbor, the first Charlie's Angels remake movie, 500 Days of SummerThe Darjeeling Limited, That Thing You Do, and Marie Antoinette, to name a few.  

We can all relate to that image of Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels dancing in her underwear to Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel while tidying up the house. Because the fact is, chores are a chore, and we all sort of need an upbeat, feel-good tune to get us going.

As with work, you can listen to the OSTs and get the same energy that would feel as if you're re-watching the film. Just don't make the mistake of choosing the romantic, sappy ones as you might end up feeling heartbroken in the office and, well, that doesn't sound like a great idea.



On my list: Tupac's Changes and T.Q.'s Westside. Or you may also add Nelly's Ride Wit Me to lighten up the mood.

You can play these three songs forever on repeat. Especially with Tupac, who shall forever be a favorite. You can listen to him at whatever year and his songs will still be relevant. If Tupac's lyrics aren't enough to move and motivate you, I don't know what will. 

A word of advice, if I may add, it would be best to listen to this privately as consideration to your colleagues. You wouldn't want to be enabling your teammates the wrong way, especially with all the innuendos and not-so-pleasant words so explicit in the lyrics. Be careful. 



On my list: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa's Young, Wild, and Free, Flo Rida's Whistle. 

These are specifically for the weekday-after moments that result from a happy party that has transpired the previous night.

Sometimes, it's just really a matter of mind over hangover. Instead of dwelling on how painfully throbbing your head is, think of what an amazing night last night was, and how you absolutely deserve to work now. 



On my list: Eraserhead's Tindahan Ni Aling Nena, Parokya Ni Edgar's Silvertoes, or the full Inuman Sessions Vol. 2.

Because when the work place is dark and dreary, you need a cray song to disrupt the routine, cheer you up, and cheer you on. 


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