What I Learned About Serendipity

Firstly, a story on serendipity: Micah and I aren’t the typical type of friends who would see each other often or send spontaneous messages and say “Coffee date, G?”. Instead, I believe our friendship is due to circumstance, or rather, serendipity, as we’d often bump into each other while commuting to school, until eventually, to work. 

On one of the times we saw each other on the train ride to work, I remember our conversation clearly. Micah wasn't happy with her job. It wasn't that the work and company didn't promise her a stable career and all. It's just that, she was looking for something else, and there was that nagging feeling inside her that was urging her to pursue it.

And today I am thrilled to say that she has gone far and beyond, has found her true calling and is continuously following where her heart leads her—Micah has become a healer, a light worker, yoga instructor, Reiki master, a gift to the world!

Early last month, my friend Meryl and I (we, on the other hand, are the “Coffee date?” types of friends) were fortunate to have attended her very brief yet insightful talk on serendipity. 

What Micah shared at her talk were life lessons, which I'm certain would go beyond our tita years, I promise, and I feel fortunate to be able share them with you here. It may not be as beautiful as Micah herself said it, but I'll try my very best. Below, my key takeaways. 

We should listen to the murmurs of our heart, our soul, because it has wisdom.

Coming from the belief of past lives and the traveling souls, we are advised to listen to our soul because it has lived for ages, and therefore it has wisdom. At the end of the day, we all have to believe in a greater being, be it God, nature, the universe, karma, the divine spirits, what have you. We may or may not believe in any of these, but then what's common in all of us is that we all have our soul—our inner self, if you may, that we can turn to and listen to, and allow it to direct us in our lives.

Being a personal advocate of me-times and self-reflection, yes, I do believe it is healthy to take the time to isolate ourselves from outside noise. It remains one of the best ways we can be alone with ourselves and truly listen to what our heart, our innermost desires, is saying.

There is no evil heart. It is only corrupted when it seeks things that are far from its true desires.

I used to categorize the people I meet based on how they would appear as kind-hearted beings or not—myself included! And based on my banko of evil thoughts that I often prefer to keep to myself, you can probably guess which category I placed myself in.

So what Micah said was a total revelation, and I was glad to know that all hearts are pure. We have to learn to listen to its desires, and follow it. Because the more we stray from it, the more we become corrupt, and by doing so, we are allowing ourselves to be led astray and consumed by other things that are not meant for us. 

Make space for what is good; continuously and persistently let go of what is bad for you.

Micah said that the universe loves those who commit, and it will work with and for us if we let it be (also my favorite Beatles song). So we shouldn’t ever think that “the universe is against us” because such situations are simply detours that lead us to the better path. If we find ourselves in a toxic situation, a place that no longer makes our heart flutter, or doing work that weakens the fire burning inside us, then we should let go of it. By all means, we should leave and let go of everything not meant for us, to make space within ourselves for good things... and only good things.

Serendipity Workshop Seminar Creative Mornings

Thank you Meryl for coming with me and thank you Micah for your wonderful work! For energy shifts, divine interventions, and sprinkles of magic, click here.


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