KakaoTalk Was One Of The Best Decisions I Made In 2017

C'mon guys, it's 2018. And if at this point, you're still letting social media ruin your life, then you must be doing it all wrong. While automatic alerts and notifications are meant to disrupt you, you have the power to stop it and make technology work for you. You can become a person again, a real human who speaks with people with, a spoon and fork in each hand—not a phone.

While I myself am guilty of having my life rudely interrupted by unwelcome notifications, I've made a step towards having more control over my social media life, through my rediscovery of KakaoTalk, and I am going to share with you my story.



I first downloaded the messaging app after seeing Big Bang (my oppa, G-Dragon in particular), endorse it alongside lucky girl Sarah G. In case you didn't know, in this tita world, anything that G-Dragon touches, turns to gold.

So fast forward to 2017, and when I was in search for a new messaging app to download, KakaoTalk immediately came to mind, and the rest, as they say, is history.




While Viber and WhatsApp are for work, Facebook Messenger are for more personal conversations, and Telegram are for the annoying millennials (I'm kidding, age-wise I still fall into the  millennial bracket, by the way). That is, until Ateneo Trade, the brands on Instagram, and other e-commerce efforts began using these messaging apps for other transactions, too.

The lines have blurred, and now, whenever I hear Facebook's bubbly alert tone, or Viber's digital knock-knock, I'm not entirely certain anymore whether the message is coming from a dear friend, a relative, or a stranger who's selling me toothpaste at a wholesale price.

Now the heaven-sent KakaoTalk makes a very distinct alert sound, which at first I thought I heard was "katok" and I said to myself, "Oh, how very Filipino!" until I realized that KakaoTalk isn't a Filipino messaging app. I Googled and saw that KakaoTalk is also called by its shortcut, KaTalk, thus the "katok" sound.

Onto my point. I believe in the power of message alert tones. It can make or break your day. At best, it puts a smile on your face, perks up your morning, and makes you see that life is beautiful. No wonder Gil Ra Im's popular alert tone in Secret Garden was such a popular one.

When I binged-watched the drama in 2011, I downloaded it, too.



Tell me if you feel this, too, but with hardly a choice given badly done emojis or stickers, I'd much rather stick to the old school smileys and send a :D instead. Do you feel it, too? But with KaTalk, I can truly say that all my emotions (even those I cannot verbalize) are accurately expressed through our Kakao Friends.

There's Tube who is fearful and emotional, sensitive, and has an angry alter ego. Apeach, a silly fruit, is a funny sight, too. And Muzi is actually a K-radish in disguise, and the green creature he's often with looks like a tiny crocodile but isn't.



Having said all that I've said, I will finally reveal the reason why I write about my KaTalk experience. I thought of downloading it simply simply because I was sick of the usual messenger interfaces and sounds, yet I had to communicate with my significant other (who isbased in the province, yes, you can say we're in a low-key LDR). I asked him to download it, too, and he's the only person I chat with there. So I call it our sacred place.

While I secretly joined a K-drama / K-pop fandom group, I put in on mute, so at least, every time the "KaTalk" sound comes on, I know who's it from. A few weeks has passed, and so far, I say with conviction that the decision has affected my life significantly.


Photo by Arvin Bautista.



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