TITA PACITA is a writer based in Manila, Philippines. She is left-handed, a middle child, and was born into this world by cesarean section.

Hello, it’s Patti a.k.a. Tita Pacita—the cray girl behind this blogsite.

I am an ISFP, a Type 4 or 5 with a 1 or 9 wing on the Enneagram test, and my CliftonStrengths are Input, Deliberative, Adaptability, Ideation, and Strategic. What are yours?

I was born in the year of the Dragon (see also: GD and Taeyang). In August of 2013, I officially became a tita. My niece has recently turned six years old, and claims that she’s also grown heavier—so much that I won’t be able to carry her anymore. Becoming a tita is one of the joys of life I cherish to this day.

Some fun facts about me: I have always been underweight, I wanted to become an astronaut after seeing the movie Armageddon, and I had a hardcore punk rock phase as a teen and loved Blink-182… actually, I still do. Have you listened to “Darkside” from their latest album, Nine?

Things important to me: people I love, self-expression and self-actualization, what Anna Wintour says, true joy, my values. My favorite childhood memory is playing patintero. I can eat liempo forever. My biggest irrational fear are lizards.


about the writer

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People see me as cool, calm, and collected, level-headed, reasonable, and prim and proper; while I see myself as spontaneous, unpredictable, creative, and emotional. When people say I am "funny" or "cute", I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

They say I'm a walking irony: I love fashion and shopping, yet I'll never spend five thousand on a single item of clothing; my playlists are of genres that are worlds apart—OPM (Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, and Eraserheads are mainstays) and K-pop (I'm a YG baby); I'm fragile and delicate yet I like pushing my limits even beyond my physical capacity.

I like what’s non-boring, non-conformist, and non-mainstream. I believe it's my broad range of interests and knack for exploring topics and stories rarely given attention to that's made me write.

Tita Pacita was born out of my desire for a healthy outlet to channel, process, and share my inner thoughts and feelings, learn about the world, and hopefully, help me make a connection with whoever is reading and thinks/feels the same way.



I'm a former PR girl, and while I do have that switch (you know, the ‘PR switch’ that makes you instantly friends with everyone), it is mostly turned off when I'm not working as a publicist. Après-PR life, I began to dabble into marketing, social media, and a lot of writing and content work.

I have been a long-time fashion contributor for Cosmopolitan Philippines; and recently, I've also started writing long-form stories for Town & Country Philippines (word count means a lot to me!). You might also find my crazy articles at beauty website Calyxta and the recently-launched, local lifestyle shopping hub TAVIN.


I have lived in Manila all my life, in the same hometown as a certain ‘Annie’. As of writing, here is an updated pet count: we have four puppies (one baby pup, three toddlers) and three adult dogs (one teenager, a young mom, and a senior citizen). I feed them all with love and care—except on rare days when my brother volunteers to do it.

Former house pets include: fourteen goldfish given to me on my fourteenth birthday (my grade school best friend stole them from their pond!), ducks and turkeys, and cats. I guess it’s safe to assume that I’m fond of living things.

Whenever I get the chance, I love to escape to the province and to the beach, and take a nap by the shore all day long. In fact, if the UV rays weren’t harmful, I’d be laying directly under the sun at twelve noon every chance I’d get. Sunlight and sour cream fries (or Piattos) make me happy.

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